World of Mordo Online

«Mordo Online» — is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG set in a fairy-tale anime universe that allows players to explore the vast expanses of the oceans in their own ships in search of wealth and glory.

The amazing atmosphere of a bright fantasy world will shower you with a warm wave of unique impressions. Huge tropical islands and snow-covered archipelagos inhabited by funny monsters await your appearance. The traders of noisy cities can't wait to please you with rare goods, and the fearsome sea robbers are eager to challenge you to battle! Create a unique hero, teach him magic spells and, turning into the captain of a fast ship, go in search of pirate treasures in the company of loyal friends!

«Mordo Online» — is a huge universe that stretches over many continents and archipelagos washed by the salty waters of the Three Oceans. Thanks to the gigantic territories, the abundance of unexplored land and sea routes, the opportunity to wander between the islands, it will be interesting to play not only for beginners, but also for those who have long traveled around the colorful world of «Mordo Online».

The cities of «Mordo Online» are always filled with numerous residents and travelers. In the marketplaces, the adventurer will be able to obtain or exchange the necessary items, replenish his stocks of potions and receive a new quest. Here you can meet other players, chat with them and exchange useful information and, of course, organize your own guild.

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Cities, continents and oceans

Deep Blue Ocean wash three large islands - Spring Island, Summer Island and Autumn Island. They are surrounded by many small archipelagos rich in natural resources. Most of the islets have never been visited by a human, so there are wild monsters and fantastic creatures at every step. In addition to representatives of wildlife, aborigines live on the islands, armed with unusual weapons. The adventurers drove them into the depths of the jungle, so the local inhabitants meet the intruders with hostility.

Askaron is a large continent with rare islands scattered around it. Two cities of Askaron are well known - the Argent City and Thundoria Castle. During the construction and development of cities, natural resources were depleted, but the situation improved after rich mines were found in the Deep Blue region.

In the southwest of the Magic Ocean lies a large continent covered with sand. In the heart of this desert was built a highly developed industrial city, whose inhabitants worship the ancient goddess Kara.

Snowy Icicle Castle

Now Icicle Castle is no longer as majestic as in the old days. The whole city is covered with snow and is practically occupied by pirates.

There are many long and winding roads leading to this castle. It is surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that cuts it off from the whole world. In the ruins of the lower part of the city, the undead await unsuspecting travelers. Therefore, many are trying to become hunters in order to destroy these creatures, making the life of the townsfolk safe.

Inventions of Shaitan City

The new Shaitan City is located south of the Magic Ocean. For a city located in the middle of a vast and sultry desert, the ocean is the only source of water.

In the northern part of the city there is a sanctuary of the goddess Kara, who is worshiped by the locals. Here the high priest blesses the people of the Shaitan City.

In Shaitan, players can learn the secret of forging objects from a local blacksmith, and travelers who want to master the art of healing come here to become Magicians. There are legends that experienced Magicians can revive even the dead!

Trading Argent City

Argent — is the busiest city in Ascaron. It is full of wealthy merchants and ambitious businessmen.

Argent is located in the eastern part of the Askaron continent. The squares of the trading city are bathed in sun. The streets, paved with neat round stones, line the beautiful residential buildings.

It is a renowned seaport, which is why people from all over the world flock here to exchange goods. Sailors from different lands walk around the port, and right there at the western gate there is a recruitment point for sailors - after all, strong assistants are always needed in the fleet. It is in this city that Swordsmen and Explorers, competing with each other, begin preparations for distant wanderings. All people here have one goal: to go explore a world full of adventure and untold treasures.

Thundoria Castle

A dream fortress for any cabin boy who one day aspires to become a naval officer. Local girls flock here in search of the man of their dreams... in uniform.

The fortress of the navy is surrounded by the ridges of the Sacred Mountain and the dense Andes Forest. Almost all year round, it is attacked by wild tribes and terrible monsters. However, the cannons located in important strategic positions have so far managed to keep uninvited guests in the bay.

The Thundoria Harbour is located a little further, in the northeast. Deep in the dungeons of the naval base, the perfect weapon is being developed to fight the invaders.

Mordo Online — бесплатная многопользовательская 3D онлайн-игра (ММОРПГ) про пиратов, которая позволяет вам вжиться в роль отважного пирата или пиратки, сразиться с бесчисленным количеством монстров как на суше, так и на воде в фэнтезийном мире анимэ с элементами мифологии древней Греции, Иудеи, Египта, Китая. Mordo (Мордо) — ручная фея, верный виртуальный спутник в игре, дающий бонусы игроку.
Оригинальное название игры «King of Pirates Online», игра разработана китайской компанией «Shanghai Moliyo». В России и странах СНГ ранее издавалась под именем «Пиратия», в Европе и США — «Tales of Pirates».
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