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The history of her origin is still unknown. Despite the fact that outwardly Ami looks like an ordinary human child, she was never destined to grow up and grow old thanks to special, unique genes. Ami's arsenal of abilities is quite wide, but in the team she is primarily valued for her ability to communicate with the outside world, heal the most difficult wounds and invent items that did not previously exist in this world.

Phyllis — is a talented sailor with goddess genes. She was born into the royal family and therefore is well versed in the maritime business. Divine ancestry even helped her win the naval competition held at Thundoria Castle when she was only ten years old. True, she was not awarded the victory due to the fact that she cheated...

Lance was born on Demon Island. A human by birth, he was raised by a tribe of Morpheans, who taught him the virtuoso handling of weapons. Joining the Phyllis' team, Lance pursued his own goals - to find the legendary Sword that opens the Heavenly Gates.

Courageous Karsise — child of man and morphean. His father was the only representative of the Morpheus people who managed to survive the raid on their settlement, and his mother was a simple woman from a nearby fishing village. When Karsise was twelve years old, the secret of his origin was revealed, and he was forced to embark on a long journey.

Ami easily joined the Phyllis' team. This adorable child, sometimes moody and mischievous, is always ready to correct the saddest mood with his magic. Ami on Askaron — something like an elf. A rare passer-by will be able to walk past Ami without paying attention to her.

Phyllis is often wayward, sly and irresponsible - however, it is these qualities that surprisingly reveal in her a real woman. This mysterious attractive girl with expressive eyes attracts the glances of passers-by, forcing them to believe in the sincerity of her intentions, which often turns out to be in the hands of the whole team.

Lance — is definitely the idol of girlish dreams. He, like no one in the world of Askaron, matches the heavy armor of a warrior and the uniform of a sailor, and his manner of courting has never left indifferent the fair sex.

Possessing exceptional strength and well-developed musculature, he really looks like a demon, but a kind heart is hidden under his harsh appearance. He is honest and open, like any real warrior. — this also explains the fact that Karsise, the only one in the game, has access to the rarest specialization — Champion.


Mordo Online — бесплатная многопользовательская 3D онлайн-игра (ММОРПГ) про пиратов, которая позволяет вам вжиться в роль отважного пирата или пиратки, сразиться с бесчисленным количеством монстров как на суше, так и на воде в фэнтезийном мире анимэ с элементами мифологии древней Греции, Иудеи, Египта, Китая. Mordo (Мордо) — ручная фея, верный виртуальный спутник в игре, дающий бонусы игроку.
Оригинальное название игры «King of Pirates Online», игра разработана китайской компанией «Shanghai Moliyo». В России и странах СНГ ранее издавалась под именем «Пиратия», в Европе и США — «Tales of Pirates».
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