Pet fairies

Fairy — is your virtual companion and assistant in the game, which gives additional bonuses to your character. In addition, they provide beautiful animation over the character.

There are first generation fairies and second generation fairies who are obtained through the wedding of fairies.

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The abilities of pet fairies fall into four different categories: basic stats, stamina, growth rate, and skill.

Abilities Description
Main characteristics Each pet fairy has five characteristics: strength, accuracy, agility, spirit and constitution. These characteristics can be developed by feeding her with various energy foods.
Stamina The stamina bar of your pets is similar to the character bar. The tame fairy can only live if the value on the scale is above zero.
Growth rate Used to calculate the growth of your pet fairy. When the value of the growth scale is at its maximum, you can feed your pets with various energy foods.
Skills The pet fairy can develop a maximum of three skills to help her master in battles.

Tame fairies can be obtained after completing certain quests, dropping from bosses, or bought on the market. First generation fairies can be obtained from the Novice Chest, which is given to new players. Mordo — get it at one of the stages of the historical quest. Angela — drops from boss Barbarossa.

Stamina consumption

Stamina is consumed as long as the pet fairy is nearby. When the stamina value drops to zero, the pet stops giving bonuses and its animation disappears. Using fairy skills also costs stamina. To restore your pet's stamina, you can feed him special food.

Fairy growth

When the fairy master is online, the scale will gradually increase. When it reaches the maximum, you will be able to develop the abilities of the fairy, feeding her various energy foods.

Level up

Your fairy will level up if you successfully feed her a special fruit when her growth meter reaches its maximum. There is some possibility that you will not feed the fairy well. The higher the fairy level, the higher the failure rate. If successful, the growth bar will reset to zero. In case of failure, the growth scale will be halved.

Fruit Impact
Snow Dragon Fruit Increases strenght of the pet fairy
Icespire Plum Increases agility of the pet fairy
Zephyr Fish Floss Increases accuracy of the pet fairy
Argent Mango Increases constitution of the pet fairy
Shaitan Biscuit Increases spirit of the pet fairy


Your fairy will be able to learn some skills from the various scrolls and spellbooks available in the game. A pet fairy can have a maximum of three skills. When a pet fairy uses a new scroll or spellbook, there is a chance that the new skill will replace one of the ones already acquired.


The skills that can be taught to a fairy vary in level. There are three of them: novice, standard and expert.

Skill Impact
Protection When the character becomes less than 20 HP, the fairy begins to absorb all normal damage inflicted on the character.
Berserk The character will get a chance to double the damage from a normal attack — increases the chance of a critical hit.
Magic Increases magical damage done by Magic classes (Herbalists, Clerics, Seal Masters, Explorers and Voyagers).
Recover Increases the recovery rate of the character's HP.
Meditation Increases the recovery rate of the character's SP.

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