Battle ships

A total of 12 types of ships are available in Mordo Online.

Certain types of ships can only be bought in one city.

Ship Required level Argent City Shaitan City Icicle Castle Thundoria Harbor
Guppy 15 Yes Yes No No
Turtle 15 No Yes Yes No
Transporter 20 Yes No Yes No
Windseeker 20 No Yes Yes No
Flying fish 30 Yes No Yes Yes
Swordfish 30 Yes Yes No Yes
Phantom 35 No No No Yes
Torrent 35 No Yes No No
Silver Dolphin 40 No No No Yes
Goddess 40 No Yes No Yes
Eagle 45 No No Yes No
Great White Shark 45 No No No Yes


In the bay of each of the four cities there is a shipyard, thanks to which players can build a new ship or improve an existing one. go to a special NPC Builder — they can be found in the game by their icon on the mini-map. The exact coordinates and names of NPCs are available in the game database — All builders. There are different types of ships available in each city, and players will have to travel to find out how good they are. Each character can have a maximum of three ships.

In the process of building a ship, the player can change the parameters of weapons, engine, cannon and components. Different combinations have different effectiveness. After building the ship, the player receives a special item - Vessel Deed.

During the construction of the ship, the player, depending on his skills, can choose a fishing net or a mechanical arm as an additional device. With the help of these devices, players get the opportunity to fish in the sea or raise sunken boats. In some ports, caught fish can be sold at a fairly good price.

Out to sea

After the ship is ready, players can ask permission to go to sea from Harbor Operator. You can use only those vessels that are moored in a specific bay. The Port Manager also gives players the ability to repair and refuel the ship.

You can find Harbor Operator by the icon on the mini-map, in the game database — all Harbor Operators.


The fuel is used when the ship goes out to sea. When the fuel level reaches zero, the ship's strength begins to decrease. If the ship's durability becomes less than zero, the ship sinks and the player's character is considered lost. Players can return their wrecks to the original bay of their original construction, or they can ask the Port Manager to do so on their behalf.


Each city dock and each island has their own landing portals. To disembark, players must navigate their ship to such a portal. After that, the ship will be moored in a separate dock, and the character will be on the shore. To go to sea, talk to the port manager again.


Each city marina and island have their own computer characters (NPCs) selling special goods, a list of such NPCs is available in the game database — sea traders, they can be identified in the game by the icon on the minimap. The player who owns the ship can buy goods in one port and sell them in another. Players can also negotiate with computer freighters for commercial transportation of wood or ore.

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